Removing Your Tattoo – A Few Points to Remember


The business for tattoo removal in Miami is huge. Before tattoo removal, go through the mentioned points for best results.

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and love for them shows no signs. Even though ten years ago, tattoo came with a certain stigma but nowadays, it has become a fashion symbol. This doesn’t mean everyone likes the tattoo. For some souls there is a time when they want to find a salon for tattoo removal in Miami. Do you live in the Miami area and want to remove your tattoo. Before making an appointment to remove your tattoo there are a few things that everyone should know.

Taking the Moon

Tattoos don’t disappear after a while with the laser technique. Six to eight seasons are required for complete tattoo removal. It takes a longer period of time to complete because every time the laser is focused on the skin, the particles are broken down, and they are digested by the immune system. The regeneration period takes up to two months and upon visiting the next time, the laser will break down the new pigment particles.


Tattoo removal in Miami costs more than getting inked. The cost of removal depends on the complexity of the tattoo. However, top dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend that the average cost per session will be around 500 dollars. But, it’s good to do it.

All Inks Are Erasable

The old belief that light colored inks is hard to remove, but because of the latest technology, even greens and yellows can be removed that were previously difficult to remove.

Ready for a Needle

Prepare yourself mentally that tattoo removal in Miami is more than just an easy, quick moment. It takes almost an hour for the entire procedure to one session. The photo is clicked, the area is cleaned, to freeze the area injected with lidocaine, their icing is finally the area bandage. Sometimes you can also feel a sensation when the laser hits the lidocaine and that’s normal. So, there’s no need to worry about that.


After treatment, there will be pain for a few days. After a few days a blister will appear on the tattooed area, cover it with salve, and bandage the area for a few days. After a few days, the skin will begin to choke, scab, peel off, and regenerate. The truth is if you choose more treatment sessions there will be less aftercare (as there will be less ink reacting with the laser).

Lighten Ink

If you are not interested in completely removing the tattoo, one can just lighten the ink and have some good covering that will complement the previous tattoo.

White Scars or Patches can be seen

If you want that the ink is completely removed from the skin, then you should know that the skin you will get after the treatment may not be as flawless as natural skin. If you are going to be treated by an expert then the skin pigments can lighten.

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