Are temporary tattoos a viable alternative to permanent tattoos?
Adhesive tattoos, henna, and other types of temporary body paint aren’t just for kids. Many tattoo supply companies often sell transfer foils for temporary tattoos or so-called organic tattoos, which have colours that are meant to fade over time. Is it true that these methods work and that the end result is equivalent to real tattoos? We’ve put it through its paces in the lockdown for your benefit and enlightenment.

Temporary tattoos options

A tattoo that fades away after a few washes or simply vanishes – a dream come true for trend seekers, a nightmare for oldschool fans. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the methods for creating temporary tattoos:

Adhesive tattoo

The small adhesive tattoos from gum wrappers are no longer used, but the technique is still used. Water is used to dissolve a print motif on a transfer foil. Free sheets for self-printing are available from smart paper and craft suppliers for both laser and inkjet printers. This allows you to create small and large motifs in print quality and add them to your skin. By the way, the same technique can be used to “tattoo” candles, plastic surfaces, and smooth wood.

The benefits and drawbacks

  • Add photo-realistic motifs to the skin quickly and easily. It’s easy to remove and doesn’t leave any trace.
  • It May only be used before the next shower, and only very small motifs can be used.
  • There isn’t a natural tattoo look (print motifs)

Henna Tattoos

Henna is a plant-based dye that is traditionally applied to the skin as a type of body decoration in India and Pakistan. Floral designs and mandalas are painted on the arms, hands, and feet. Henna pencils and genuine henna paint for skin painting are also available from European manufacturers. The paint is normally absolutely safe and will wash off after a few thorough washes. Only rough motifs with solid contours can be painted with henna ink.

Only rough patterns are allowed to be painted. The colour fades gradually and does not vanish after a single wash.

Tattoos made from natural materials

The word “bio-tattoo” is in fact deceptive: After all, bio tattoos aren’t made with special ink, but rather with a unique needle technique. This has to do with our skin’s regeneration. Tattoos are pierced into the dermis, the skin’s lower layer that does not regenerate. The thin epidermis, which is actively dying and regenerating, lies above this. As a result, the cells evolve and pigments are shed over time. Tattoo artists who specialise in bio-tattoos rely on this process. The tattoo is stung between the epidermis and the dermis, and it should fade away after a few months.

The benefits and drawbacks

  • Stinging organic tattoos does not hurt as much as traditional tattoo methods. + A freshly stung bioTattoo looks just like a real one. After a few months, the motive could vanish.
  • If the desired skin layer does not hit precisely, a grey veil remains or the Tattoo does not vanish at all. – If the desired skin layer is not hit exactly, a grey veil remains or the Tattoo does not disappear at all.

Temporary tattoos could be used in a variety of situations.

This is a film that everyone knows inside and out. The songs, gags, and even the colors are all instantly recognizable. There isn’t anything that can bring back memories of childhood for kids from the 1980s and 1990s. At parties, no one would miss the chance to ask you about your KevinTattoo.

When it comes to creating a relaxed environment and standing out in a crowd, skin painting is a must. For others, the vibrant body painting has a spiritual significance. Temporary tattoos are an excellent choice for these occasions:

Disco, festival, or party: adhesive tattoos can create amazing effects that regular tattoos can’t. Allow your skin to glisten, sparkle, and shine! Permanent glow tattoo ink is also available for tattooing, but it has a poor reputation in the tattoo community. Before you jeopardise your wellbeing and make an irreversible error, opt for the adhesive edition.
Baby shower and drawing with a partner: Henna paint is completely non-toxic and safe to use when pregnant. You can have a henna party with your girlfriends or as a couple for some fun time. Painting the body relaxes and boosts self-confidence. The belly is absolutely clean again after a few showers.
“But I want a Tattoo!” says the adolescent. – Granted, it’s not quite as bad as the demand for boob jobs and spray-on lips among teenagers. Tattoo artists, however, warn against giving “mommy slips” to minors for tattooing. Bio tattoos can also last for years and pose certain health risks. As a result, real tattooing begins at the age of eighteen!